School Counseling

School Counselors Serving Students

Professional School Counselors are an integral part of the academic, social-emotional, and college-career development of students. 

School Counselors help all students:

  • Apply academic achievement strategies
  • Manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills
  • Plan for postsecondary options (higher education, military, workforce)

School Counselors provide:

  • Individual student academic planning and goal setting
  • School counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards
  • Short-term counseling to students
  • Referrals for long-term support
  • Collaboration with families/teachers/ administrators/ community for student success
  • Advocacy for students at individual education plan meetings and other student-focused meetings
  • Data analysis to identify student issues, needs, and challenges
  • Acting as a systems change agent to improve equity and access, achievement, and opportunities for all students

Your School Counselor

Connect with your school counselor by searching the directory on your school website.