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The Limitless Libraries Program


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MNPS school libraries have a nationally recognized collaborative partnership with Nashville Public Library called Limitless Libraries. This partnership is building the next generation of public library users, and the services are right at their fingertips, their school library. The program, which began in 2009, serves all MNPS students, teachers, and staff. Limitless Libraries allows MNPS students access to the Nashville Public Library collection, and those items are delivered directly to students in their building. It allows MNPS access to over a million more items.

Limitless Libraries also provides supplemental funding to our school libraries for books, DVDs, databases and Playaways. Regardless of what school students attend, they have access to a high-quality school librarian and collection. Thanks to our partnership with Limitless Libraries, MNPS students have access to unparalleled amounts of high-quality materials and resources to support their learning. To begin exploring some of these resources, you can browse the online catalogue.

The Limitless Libraries partnership provides 1 million dollars annually to MNPS school libraries.

The Nashville Public Library contributes  $1,000,000 in resources and services to MNPS libraries annually, combined with each school's contribution of $7.50 per student, MNPS libraries are funded at approximately $15.00 per student.