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We have all asked the question, "Why do I need to know this?." The Academies of Nashville is a transformation of the high school experience so that students never have to wonder, "Why?"
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Created 15 years ago, the Academies of Nashville have been recognized by the White House as a national high school transformation model, and provide students with one of the best college and career prep experiences in the nation.

Our journey of transforming high schools is founded on three fundamental concepts:

  • Transform the classroom experience by bringing real-world experience aligned to careers of interest to all classrooms and developing 21st Century life skills that students will use for years to come.
  • Transform the high school experience through a structure of career and interest academies that bring teams of teachers together to collaborate, build relationships, and support individual student needs.
  • Transformation of Business Engagement through the engagement of business and community partners to provide expertise, experiences and post-secondary experiences.

Every student in our 12 zoned Academies of Nashville schools have a choice of 35 different academies.  Whether a student is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or engineering, every academy will enhance the students high school experience while preparing them with skills applicable to any career field.

More than 365 community partners are committed to ensuring students gain exposure and experience within each class.  Additionally, local colleges and universities have teamed up with the Academies of Nashville to create access to a range of dual credit, dual enrollment, and industry credentials that will better prepare every student to be college or career ready.  

The Academies of Nashville Offer Opportunity and More


 All students form a deeper understanding of required academic subjects, electives, and specialized courses to prepare them for college.


Teachers incorporate real-world examples into all academic and specialized courses. In the Academies of Nashville, we strive for every student to participate in at least one experiential learning activity every year of high school. Experiences are designed to build upon one another in order to narrow a student's postsecondary focus.


 Students share smaller personalized environments with classmates with common interests and a team of teachers who serve as their advocates.


Connections with business and community partners provide students with 21st-century skills for post-secondary and career success. 

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

We want to give our students every opportunity to learn about their areas of interest. Check out the tabs below to see what experiential learning looks like at every grade level. 

Preparation & Inspiration for the Real World 

We place an extremely high value on first-hand experience so that our students can make informed, inspired choices about their areas of study. Our program includes...

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