Parent Portal


Watch the Personalized Student Dashboard overview and virtual meeting held on Monday, February 27 to learn more about:

  • Accessing and understanding information in the Dashboard
  • What is in store for future updates to the system. 


Personalized Student Data is in Campus Portal

The Campus Portal offers families a deep understanding and knowledge of student progress through the Personalized Student Dashboard, which displays student assessment and testing data and also student: personalized student dashboard graphic

  • grades
  • academic plans
  • attendance 
  • behavior reports 

Log into Campus Parent for Information 

To see student information, parents or guardians need to have access to the Infinite Campus Parent PortalIf you don't already have a Campus Parent account, visit the Portal page for instructions to sign up for an account.


Parent Account Preferred

Parents should not log into the Portal using their student's account, but rather create their own Campus Parent account. Here's why:  

  • Campus Parent allows for easy access to see information for all of your children under one username, as well as the ability to manage family and emergency contact information such as phone numbers, emergency contacts, contact order, and relationships.

  • The Campus Student app offers students access to all their grades and schedules but does not have the ability to manage family/contact information.


Personalized Student Dashboard Examples

  • This section offers explanation and examples of student information provided in the parent portal.
  • Once logged in, look for the “more” option on the left bar to find the “assessments” and “behavior” data.