Request an Interpreter

Translation and Interpretation Requests

Most schools in MNPS have an assigned Parent Outreach Translator. This staff member will take care of your translation and interpretation needs.

Submit requests for interpreters and written translations when …

  • the school does not have an assigned translator for the language needed.
  • the assigned interpreter is absent from work or not available.
  • the requested time is outside of school hours. Submit your requests through the “Request an Interpreter” link (see below).
  • the document to be translated is a legal document, Exceptional Education form or report, or a district-wide document.


Time-Sensitive Calls to Parents:

Please call our office at 615-259-8608, press 9. 

We will be glad to assist you with your emergency call to a parent, such as an illness, injury, or serious behavior issue or incident, etc.


Non-Urgent Parent Phone Calls

Please send an email to the translation staff with your request details, the language needed, and contact information (names & numbers) 


Translation of Documents

Email your requests with advance notice of 5 business days to the translation staff. Send original, modifiable documents in electronic format (no pdf), and please indicate the date by which your translation is needed. You may request multiple languages of a document in one request.


Requests for Interpreters for Meetings or Events

Submit requests through the Request an Interpreter form 5 days in advance for events during school hours and with a 7-day advance notice for events outside of school hours. A separate request is needed for each language.


Interpretation Services by Phone

When you have an emergency or an urgent situation and there is no interpreter to assist you, please use our phone interpretation resource. The service we use is Stratus – Formerly OPI Services (Optimal Phone Interpretation). Please work with the MNPS translation team as your first line of service before using the phone interpretation service.


Please Email Questions to: